4 Simple step to get your Medical Marijuana Card!

1. Call or Email to set an appointment.

Same day appointments and walk-ins available.

Office Number: #602-441-0055


2. Get Evaluated by our physicians(Marijuana Doctor).

Patients will get evaluated for 1 of 13 qualifying conditions in the state of Arizona. Patients who have severe/chronic do not have to provide medical records. We have an on site pain doctor that will evaluate patients and help get their medical records updated. If patients have any pre-existing qualifying condition beside severe/chronic pain; patients are required to bring in medical records. Afterwards, our Marijuana Doctor will evaluated the patient and their medical records and get them certified.

3. Get your application submitted for FREE!

Once patients are approved by our Marijuana Doctor. We will process all patients application to the state for FREE.

4. Get your Medical Marijuana Card sent.

After patients are approved and the state application is processed. The Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) will ship the patient medical marijuana card within 5-10 business days.